Putting yourself in the shoes of a mobile adventurer

A traveler in Moab, Utah wants to rent a bike for the day. She grabs her phone, searches “bike rental Moab,” and is greeted with a map and list of rental agencies.

Helpful? Sure. And if you scroll down you can expand the map options and find plenty of bike rental companies in Moab. If you tap on one, you can see reviews, hours, the address, and some other pertinent information.

If you check the first company, most likely a reputable company who’s done enough SEO work or paid enough in ads to rank at the top of the search, it can 20-30 minutes to find local activities nearby the proximity of your location.

When you start checking companies further down the list, or gasp!, on the second page, it gets more and more difficult, if you can even find a company within miles of your location. And when you do find one or more, most require a phone call, email, or web form submission. Some don’t even have a website!

Find Local Experiences simplifies the entire process for both locals and travelers alike. Open the app and it finds where you are. Tap once to find and tap twice to select an activity operator you want to engage with. It really is that simple.

While in a Lyft on the way to Breckenridge, the recently graduated duo from Ohio State both furiously tap away at their phones, sifting through the myriad of choices for rental activities for everything they hoped to pursue over this next week.

“This should be easier, but all these options are overwhelming. I’m having trouble finding prices, and I can’t find out if any of these companies have any availability without calling them or filling out an inquiry form. I’m ready to hit the ground running as soon as we get into our Airbnb and unload our gear.” Gabe complains.

“Hold up, I think I may have found something,” Tamar interjects as he shows Gabe his phone. “Check out this app. Have you heard of it? It’s called Find Local Experiences. This might be too good to be true.”

After downloading the app, it quickly finds where they are. Gabe excitedly says, “Woah. This app looks like it has all tour and rental companies between here and Breck. And I mean ALL of them - kayaks, bikes, fishing equipment, snowboard and skis, even snowmobiling! I didn’t even think about doing that! Have you ever driven one of those before? This is killer! We could be on a bike on the mountain right after we check in and get unpacked!”

On the other side of the world in Northern Thailand, on a minibus from Chiang Mai to Pai, Charlotte excitedly bounces in her seat, checking out YouTube videos of other travelers driving motorbikes through the Thai countryside. It was one of the things she was most looking forward to on her gap year trip.

But ever since last night, she had been nervous. She heard lots of other travelers, who were also planning trips up to Pai, complaining in her hostel about not knowing which companies to trust. She also heard that prices vary wildly, and she was having trouble finding any specific information online. She really didn’t want to spend hours walking around town checking out every place that rented motorbikes.

The guy behind her tapped her on the shoulder, glancing at the video she was watching, and asked if she planned on renting a motorbike once she got to Pai. She confirmed she couldn’t wait to do it, but voiced her trepidation about the conversations she overheard the previous night.

“Oh, have you not heard of Find Local Experiences yet?” Fynn questioned. “You need to check it out immediately. That app has saved me so much time and so many headaches over the last couple months.”

Charlotte’s eyes lit up. “Really? I’ve never heard of it before. What’s it all about?”

Fynn’s excitement continue with “It’s like a huge directory promoting thousands of tour and rental activity companies. It literally pinpoints your location and then populates Google-maps with these custom activity icons. Just tap on an icon and you’re immediately sent to the operator website. So fast and so cool.”

“That sounds amazing! I’ve been on the road for a couple months, and I wish I would have known about this sooner.” Charlotte was already a step ahead, having downloaded the app while Fynn was telling her about it. “Wow, you’re right! This is amazing!”

Google and social media queries are the main options when searching for rental activities when traveling. But it can be a time consuming and laborious process to find prices and availability, much less have confidence in the legitimacy or quality of the company you are renting from.


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The Missing Piece

Sometimes you hear of a great idea, shake your head, and think, “How has no one built this before?”

Find Local Experiences is that mobile travel app that you will shake your head at when checking it out for the first time. It is the missing piece in the travel marketplace, for both tour and rental activity companies and travelers who want active, do-it-yourself trips.

If you own or manage an outdoor recreational rental company, you’ve no doubt had to change your business model and mobile marketing strategy considerably over the last couple decades to stay relevant to changing consumers.

Find Local Experiences will help springboard you past your competition, and they will do the heavy lifting for you. They have built their app for the next generation of travelers: Millennials.

Why Millenials? Why tour and rental activities?

This generation doesn’t want all-inclusive resorts. They don’t want to lounge on the beach doing nothing. They don’t want to be impressed with just an organized tour. They don’t want to wait. They don’t want to deal with talking on the phone, sending emails, or filling out web inquiry forms.

Millennials are active, curious and now spends more money on travel than any other generation. The tour and rental activity market is a mulit-billion dollar industry, which is now the 3rd largest in the travel behind air and lodging.

If it’s exploration and adventure they crave, and you own a tour and rental activities company who caters to that, you want to be at the forefront of the technology they will use. A mobile app that simplifies the process by making it quick and easy to find and engage with adventures is what they want.

Find Local Experiences is that app.

Available for all Android and Apple Mobile Devices.

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